Frequently Asked Questions

The terms translation and interpretation are often used interchangeably, but they don’t mean
the same thing. Translation refers to the written translation while interpretation refers to spoken
translation.the same thing. Translation refers to the written translation while interpretation refers to spoken

Goodwill Language is located in Kenya, & Nigeria, the bustling cosmopolitan global metropolis
of East/Africa and West/Africa and an important hub for regional and international connections,
commerce and communications. Today Africa generates a very powerful impact on global
financial affairs, boosting the need for modern communication.
We also have a rote Braches at Canada Australia.

The premier thing that makes us so special is the winning combination of our vast expertise,
our market reputation and our affordable prices. When you work with us you can rest assured
that you get something truly special. Part of our uniqueness stems from being a market leader,
which brings a value-added component to our services.

No. Goodwill Language hires and manages a very competent and skilled global network of
professional linguists. Over the past years we have retained the best and most experienced
professionals in the business, encouraging teamwork and total devotion.

Yes. Furthermore, they are all speaking the languages of their countries, so that the
translations are performed by native speakers. They are all highly skilled professionals, with
advanced degrees in a wide range of disciplines.

At GOODWILL Language our strength lies in our people. Our heritage of employee growth has
continually helped us attract the best and brightest minds in the field. Guided by the company’s
mission and values, our translators break new ground to offer the most professional, confidential
and accurate services. Our goal is to be the very best at what we do, combining commitment and
service guarantee.

Definitely not! We will never use automated or software based translations because this is
pure fraud. Automated translations are totally useless and unreliable.

All our translators are bound by strict confidentiality agreements. In addition, we take several
measures and precautions that over the past years have proved to be highly effective.

GOODWILL Language specializes in several industries, including medical and healthcare,
finance, banking and insurance, technology, legal, marketing and advertising, and many more.
We offer translations, linguistic validations, transcriptions, interpretations and certified

GOODWILL Language translates from and to more than 30 languages. Please visit our
languages page for further information.

Since not all projects were born equal, we will provide a specific quote for each project. In
general our prices are affordable and highly competitive. Working with highly professional
translators, projects are performed in relatively short times, enabling us to offer great prices.

The time required to complete a translation varies and depends on many factors, such as the
topic of the documents, length and difficulty of the text, specific formatting, and additional
special requirements and so on.

Absolutely! We will NEVER share your information with another company.

We’d be happy to answer your questions. Please email us and one of our senior
representatives will be happy to answer all your questions.