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Translation Services In Africa

We help your content, product and services become truly global by adding our professional touch in transforming both words and ideas into your other languages of choice. There is no telling how far your content or products may go, we ensure that they give the best representation of you anytime, any day and anywhere.

Certified Translators In Africa


Our team of certified translators in Africa are professionals in the field with decade of working experience.

Prompt Turnaround

In addition the to the professionalism and diversity that we offer, we make prompt delivery our priority.


Our team of certified translators in Africa are professionals in the field with decade of working experience.

Professional Translation Services In Africa

Over the years, translators in Nigeria from GoodWill Language have provided numerous document translation and localization services of several official documents as well as working papers of international conferences. We have also handled legal documents of the most sensitive nature and we pride our selves in the fact that the remarks afterwards are always positive.

Our translation services in Lagos focus clients that often translate English to French as well as many other language pairs with the mindset that a properly translated document instantly uplifts the image and persona of the client and at this translation agency in Nigeria, the image of the client is our number one priority and we never lose sight of that.

Translate English To French And Others

Our teams of certified translators in Africa offer their professional translation services in Abuja, Lagos and Nigeria and are members of an elite group of certified translators in Nigeria. With a passion to translate English to French and numerous other language pairs.

While offering translation services in Abuja and beyond, We also have a team of dedicated proofreaders and editors that ensure for uniformity and the required standard.

Hand in hand with our team of certified notaries, as well as a network of other  translators in Nigeria, we guarantee that your documents will be accepted by any local and international bodies or institution.

We translate from English to French and vice versa as well as other language pairs as may be required.

Translation Services In Abuja

With our corporate offices present across Nigeria, we bring our translation services in Abuja to other parts of the country. We are in a position to collect or take delivery of your important or original documents.

We can also make arrangement for the documents to be sent back to you by courier in any part of Nigeria that you may be. Our numerous works are in the following fields:  Marketing . Real estate company . Oil and Gas . Medicine . Relocation agency. Law . Telecommunication . Research etc.

Lastly and most importantly, our team of certified translators in Nigeria always adhere  strictly the rules of confidentiality while dealing with the documents entrusted to us. We always give good reasons to have to recommend our translation services in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria to other people. With us, the solution to your translated document is just a CLICK away.



Here are corrections to a few misconceptions as regards the processes of having to translate English to French or other language pairs. Over the course of time, these questions have been asked time and time again and as time progresses, we will continue to update this segment as more repeated questions arise.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Document translation is the technical process of transforming the information contained in a document from a given source language to a desired target language.

Document notarisation is the process of signing a document by an authorised person. Such document is required to carry the signature and seal of the authorised person. This is not to be confused with document certification.  

Document certification is the process of attesting that the contents of a document are true and reliable. The document is always accompanied by the signature of a person in the authority to certify such a document.

Professional translators usually charged per translated word or according to the number of pages translated. According to most translators, they consider a word count of 350 words to be equal to a page.

Most professional translators agree that a standard page is comprised of 350 words, with the condition that the font size is set at 12, with a single line spacing.

On the average, you can expect to pay about $0.15 per word or $53 per page for most standard document. However, the charges often go as much as $0.30 per word or $110 per page for document of technical nature or for rare language pairs.


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